3 Effective Desk Exercises

Posted by Katie on Nov 10, 2018 3:48:05 PM

Don't have time to go to the Gym at lunch? Are the stretches you do not getting to that neck and shoulder pain the way you want? Never fear! I am here with three neck stretches you can do at your desk!

  1. Shoulder Shrug- This is the easiest stretch! Do a few quick shoulder shrugs and then bring your shoulders as close to your ears as you can and hold for at least 15 seconds - try to breathe throughout. Repeat this 3 times with breaks in between filled in with fast shoulder shrugs.giphy-1
  2. Shoulder Squeeze - Slowly squeeze your shoulder blades together in your back and push your chest out a little. Hold this position for a moment and then slowly lift them up and down.
  3. Neck Bliss - This is my personal favourite of mine! Take you left arm and wrap it around your back and grab the inside of your right arm with your left hand. Slowly drop your head to the right hand shoulder and you should feel a gorgeous stretch up the left side of your neck. Repeat on the other side.
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