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Posted by Katie on Feb 25, 2019 1:26:00 PM

My name is Katie and in April 2015, I became a qualified Yoga teacher and therapist at Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research,India. What is a Yoga Therapist? I honestly still don't know but it sounds fancy so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The month I spent training in India was an amazing experience but I will admit that I did not come back this enlightened, flexible, all-knowing and calm individual that I had imagined before my time in India.yoga cert

Throughout my experience, I was known to push back on certain teachings that I believed had no scientific basis.  This is something I feel very strongly about, decisions and beliefs need to be based on what is known to be factual.  I am always open to more research but don't tell me that you feel vaccinations are bad without a solid scientific basis.  I am not interested in fake news.  I question everything with what I believe to be a healthy amount of scepticism.

I learnt a great number of things around asanas, meditation, cleansing and thought processes which I have adopted into my life but who I am and what I believe in, has not changed.  I am spiritual in the sense that I believe that everything happens for a reason and that if there is a God, I believe that we will be judged on how our actions and intentions impacted everything around us. If there isn't a God, then I am much happier helping people and taking care of myself rather than the alternative.

I don't think you need to practice asanas (Yoga Postures) every day or meditate every day, you just need to do your best.  I work in the corporate industry, I adore my job and I have a great work/life balance but I work hard to find easy and efficient ways to incorporate the 'Hippie' elements into my life. I can hear you say 'You work hard to find easy ways?' - well I do! Research is not something I struggle with but actionable things are definitely more of a struggle and all of the research I did only used to reaffirmed the belief that I am useless at being a 'SkyScraper Hippie' (This is slang for a person who works in the Corporate World but wants to integrate the beliefs and practices of Hippies into their lives. Think Love, Nature, Karma, Yoga, Holistic...).

My goal is to teach the easy methods I have learnt and picked up along the way to as many wanabee Skyscraper Hippies out there! 

I give bespoke classes to either individuals or corporate classes that want to incorporate different elements of a holistic life into their daily lives.  Whether that be Yoga classes, meditation classes, developing habits and/or helping your office become more mindful with little tricks.

My services can be in-house, via email, over Zoom calls or by phone.  As this is not my full time job, I have limited appointment spaces each month.  As my service is extremely bespoke to each industry, person and company I don't like to limit my services as I will do what I can to help point you in the right direction even if that right direction is away from me! Please feel free to reach out to me here with any queries, or you can request a call back here if you would prefer.

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