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Posted by Katie on Feb 28, 2019 12:30:00 AM

Have a spare three minutes? Want to do some quick eye exercises at your desk to relax, revitalise and improve your eyeball muscles?


rub hands

This exercise relaxes and revitalizes the eye muscles. Grab your headphones and put on some white noise. My favourite is this video on Youtube which can help drown out the buzz around the office. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Rub your hands together vigorously until you have built up heat between your two hands. Place your palms over your eyes without applying pressure. Concentrate on the heat radiating from your palms on to your eyelids. Keep your eyes closed and repeat the same actions at least three times. Warning: Don't look at a computer screen until your eyes adjust or it can irritate your eyes (like waking up to a big light) You may also find that your colleagues may think you are closing a big deal and/or made a big mistake.

cover eyes


Tip: If you really want to see the benefit of palming, before you do it - do the next step in this article before and then again afterwards. When I do this I feel that my eyes are dry and stick a little bit while afterwards it is easier.



Blink - Everybody blinks but when was the last time you blinked really fast for no reason but to blink? Most people blink when there is something in their eye or they are reacting to some light source. I want you to look away from your computer screen and blink really fast for as long as long as you can. Keep your face muscles as relaxed as you can throughout. This is a good way to get your eyes 'warmed up'!

Warning: you may look like something is in your eye and get asked if you need any help!


look left and right
Move your eyes only - But I move my eyes everyday? If you think about all of the movements you make with your eyes you may find that most of the big eye movements you make are done with a head movement as well. Most of the strenuous labour is done with your head so your eyes are just a lazy passenger. Doing exaggerated eye movements relax the tension of the muscles strained by constant reading and close work. See two eye movements explained below and get eye moving!
rolling eyes up
    1. Without moving your head, look as far up as you can and then look as far down as you can. Warning: You may look like your are rolling your eyes or checking someone out if someone walks by you but the bonus here is that you have an excuse if you ever get busted doing either ;-)
    2. Without moving your head, look as far left and as far right as you can.


I hope you find these as useful as I do!  Want to learn more about us?  Check out our FAQ pager here!

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