Grub in work packed with Sugar? Need healthy Snacks?

Posted by Katie on Nov 8, 2018 6:29:03 PM

I try to eat as healthy as I can but in work I am surrounded by delicious chocolate and crisps that it is not always that easy. Every time I look for healthy snacks online, articles always seems to tell me nuts, fruit and seeds but there are only so much of these I can eat. Below we have some healthy alternatives - I am no nutritionist but I like to think that the below snacks are better than a big milk chocolate bar! If you are a nutritionist and I have got something wrong please reach out to me here, I am always looking for feedback.

avocado-bright-color-997389Avocado - Back in my school days, my home economics teacher told us that without adding a grain of salt to our diet, we already have too much salt. I love avocados mashed up like baby food with a pinch of salt - it is one of the few foods I add salt to. My guilty pleasure. Avocados are a great source for healthy fats and the salts aren't a 'must'.



Boiled eggs - I lived in Korea for a couple of years and one thing that I found odd was that you could buy boiled eggs ready to eat in all of the convenience stores. One day I was hiking with my work colleagues (yes our work trip was a hike and apple picking!) and I was starving because I hadn't brought enough food with me. I was offered a boiled egg by a Korean colleague and not wanting to be rude I hesitantly took it. I always loved eggs but it seemed odd to me to eat it on it's own cold (I'm not a salad fan unless it's drowning in a vinegar dressing!) but boy was a mistaken! It is a little dry so I eat it with water nearby but it is a fast, easy and filling snack to have at hand at work. If you don't mind, cracking and peeling eggs at your desk. Go on be that person!

Happy Pear's Cookie Dough balls - I was sceptical but honestly everything I have tried from Happy Pear is delicious. It does take a lot of preparation and time but you can make a massive batch and freeze some to bring out and defrost over time. Check out the recipe here. These are a favourite of mine!


 Rice cakes, almond butter and strawberries - Another favourite is a rice cake with a spreading of almond butter and topped with sliced strawberries. This is a treat that will quench that sweet tooth in your head! Yummy!!




Popcorn - Don't buy a packed of popcorn from the shop, buy a bag of kernels from a health food store and spend some time making them in a pot. Honestly home cooked popcorn is the best kind of popcorn taste and health wise, and worth the effort. Bag them up to use throughout the week

Oat cakes, goats cheese and honey - An easy to make and sweet and savoury treat to snack on in work, at home or on the go!

Peanut butter and figs - Sounds like a weird mix right?  Get a fresh fig and put on a slab of peanut butter = good times!

I am a big believer that everything in moderation is important, this post contains suggestions for different healthy alternatives to sweets and chocolate bars but it's important to have balance!

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