Tips to improve your desk posture

Posted by Katie on Nov 9, 2018 9:05:40 AM

If you look at this photo, what do you see? Do you think that this is a good sitting posture? While reading this post I don't want you to move, don't change your seating position! No Cheating!

In this post I am going to give three simple tricks to improve your posture. Every time I research about a good desk posture I always think there are too many things and I believe that to form a new habit you need to start off tiny. Check out this Tedx talk about tiny habits.

So the small habits I want you to try to bring into your daily work life are:

1. Try to always sit with your ears in line with your shoulders

In the example photo you can see that her head is leaning forward towards the computer and her ears are not in line with her shoulders. Check right now, are your ears in line with your shoulders? If not, try it out.... feels forced at first if you are not used to it but try doing this as much as you remember and it will get easier.

2. Uncross legs

Are your legs crossed? Are your legs dangling from your seat? Or stretched out in front of you? Are your feet flat on the ground? Are you leaning on the side of your feet? Fix your seating position so that your feet are both flat on the ground. Again it is hard to fix a habit, but each time you notice, ground yourself!

3. Move!

It is so easy on a busy day to stay at your desk for hours, not moving and sometimes not eating when you are in certain office jobs. When I read articles that would tell me to go for a walk every 30 minutes, I would roll my eyes because you know what some days exercising is the last thing on my mind. In the job I am currently in my mindset has changed because I thankfully work in a company and have a manager that puts my health as more important than anything else and I have started to question myself as to why he is more insistent on me going home early or eating or looking after myself. It's a bit wild when you think about it logically, so many people put their work before their well being. So I'm not telling you to go for a walk every 30 minutes but just try to move. Even if that movement is just to stretch or stand up on a call it's a start and that's all you have to do... start!

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